Interactive Audio Exhibition

APOLLO 11, 1969 — When we went to the moon, it was not the first image you remember, but the message. It was the beautiful words of Neil Armstrong confirming this first step we took.

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. — Neil Armstrong

This decade, we are planning to take the next step. Our rockets are set to the red planet and we are going to be multi-planetary species. As we prepare for this event, I think it’s time to conceptualize the message that confirms this once in a lifetime achievement. COPY FOR MARS in an audio-exhibition which is curated and designed by Zefnath de Lima. In COPY FOR MARS, multi-disciplinary artists are invited to make their proposal message for the first landing on Mars.


Govert Schilling, Science Journalist
Rob van den Berg, Director Outreach, Space Expo
Arno Wielders, Spaceflight Specialist, Mars One
Erik Laan, Space Consultant, Eye on Orbit
Dr. Inge Loes Ten Kate, Planetary Scientist & Astrobiologist, UU
Dr. Wieger Wamelink, Eco- & Exobiologist, Wageningen University

Music: Outside of the Battle, Lobo Loco, FM
VO: RoadNotTakenVO